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Expand your business to the 4th largest eCommerce market in the world. Get exclusive access to Rakuten Ichiba, #1 online shopping mall in Japan trusted by 87% of the Japanese population.


M A R K E T   P O T E N T I A L

Why sell in Japan

Vast Market

With a recorded population of 126 million in 2019, Japan offers unlimited opportunities for consumer brands.

Online Culture

There are 119 million internet users (80.9% penetration rate) actively engaged in shopping online.

Robust Economy

Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the 4th largest global eCommerce market.

Affluent Audiences

The average annual household income in Japan accounts for $51,000 USD.

Digital Shoppers

On average, 58% of Japanese shop online, with those in their 20’s and 30’s shopping online most often.

Suburban Lifestyle

50% of Japanese think living in a comfortable house in a suburban area is an ideal lifestyle.

A F F L U E N T   A N D   A C T I V E   C U S T O M E R S 

Meet your typical Japanese shopper

Japanese consumers are clamoring for high-quality American products – but they will only buy from sources they know and trust. eCommerce marketplaces in Japan are overwhelmingly popular, holding as much as 60% market share and remaining top destinations for daily shopping. The upshot? That's where your business should be venturing to join.

They prefer eCommerce marketplaces over brand shop websites. For most shoppers, enhanced security and loyalty reward programs are key benefits of marketplaces.

They want transparency and detailed information about products. Product listings on Japanese eCommerce marketplaces are content-rich and granular.

Japan is home to its own unique online shopping events which customer love and actively engage with. The gift-giving season is going to wipe your stock out.

Japanese are willing to spend. The monthly consumption of people in their 50s is nearly $3,000. 50%+ of Japanese teens have experienced buying products abroad. (Source: Economikata)

Japanese consumers expect products to be cheaper online than in brick-and-mortar stores. Loyalty programs are equally important and work are very popular.

They use vast ecosystems of eCommerce marketplaces as the ultimate destination for daily shopping, job boards, travel booking, mobile payments and more. 

W H Y  R A K U T E N  I C H I B A

Discover Rakuten Ichiba, the largest online shopping platform in Japan

As Japan's eCommerce powerhouse, Rakuten Ichiba boasts a whopping customer base of 100+ million shoppers. What better place to roll out your store and promote your brand than a popular marketplace frequented by 87% of Japanese population?


M A R K E T   S H A R E

Source: Fuji Keizai Co. Mail order and eCommerce business now and 2019



Source: FY 2019 Second Quarter Consolidated Financial Results


M E M B E R S H I P   I D

Incredible membership base, considering that Japan's population totals 126 million.

3.9T JPY

2 0 1 9   D O M E S T I C   G M S

2019 domestic eCommerce GMS accounts for 37 billion USD (1 USD = 111 JPY) 

W H Y   R A K U T E N   I C H I B A

Rakuten is the most trusted eCommerce marketplace in Japan

Rakuten Ichiba outperforms global eCommerce giants, inlcuding Amazon and Yahoo! Japan, holding a strong grip on the Japanese domestic market since 1997.


Rakuten Ichiba reaches across most popular eCommerce segments

Rakuten is a go-to destination for the most popular product categories among Japanese shoppers. Rakuten's vast ecosystem truly powers their shopping habits and lifestyle preferences.



*FX conversion rate 100 JPY = 0.92 USD (as of 10/14/2019)
*Source: Rakuten Group, Inc. “IR Release for Q4 of FY2018
Financial Results and Consolidated Financial Results in
2018” and “IR Release for 2Q of FY2019 Financial Results”
*Average Daily GMS is determined by “2018 Domestic eCommerce GMS” divided by days

R A K U T E N ' S   U N I Q U E   P R O M I S E

What sets Rakuten's platform apart?


Rakuten dominates the eCommerce market in Japan, holding 25%+ of online B2C market and 30%+ in apparel, food, and household segments.


Rakuten delivers full support throughout the merchant's journey. A bilingual eCommerce Consultant (ECC) helps you maximize your potential on Rakuten.


Rakuten is a shop-centric marketplace where merchants can fully control their storefront, product pages, and customer experiences. Run your store as you see fit.


As a US merchant, you don't need to establish an entity in Japan. Rakuten enables you to drop ship directly from your overseas warehouse to Japan. Excellent infrastructure and small distances make deliveries fast and frictionless.


The ecosystem that exists within Rakuten arms you with unique tools to retain customers and grow your sales. Popular shopping events, campaigns and loyalty programs like Rakuten Points are absolute winners. 


Rakuten's unique platform captures and retains customers through a vast portfolio of online services and and engaging loyalty programs. Customers can earn up to 16% points back across the Rakuten ecosystem.

L O Y A L T Y   P R O G R A M

Rakuten Point: Unique Loyalty Program

Rakuten has issued over $2 billion worth of Rakuten Points since its loyalty program launched in 2002.
The number of shoppers who use more than two Rakuten services increased from 64.9% in 2017 to 72.3% in 2019, proving how effective Rakuten's membership program is for customer retention withing its vast ecosystem.
The rate at which Rakuten points are issued has been growing exponentially in recent years. Just in the past 3 years, Rakuten issued $1 billion worth of points, with 32 billion Rakuten Points issued in 2019 alone.
As one of of the most popular credit card companies in Japan, Rakuten accumulates 1%-16% of your monthly spending as loyalty points. This is the marketplace that genuinely rewards shopping across its ecosystem.


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Check out this definitive guide to running your eCommerce business in Japan & how companies like yours are already thriving thanks to lucrative opportunities this market provides.

G E T T I N G   S T A R T E D

Merchant onboarding process

S T E P  1


Our team of onboarding consultants specialize in overseas business and will guide you in preparing materials to submit for your company’s screening. Once you pass all stages of screening, you can begin to create your store on Rakuten’s marketplace.

S T E P  2

Store setup

After you gain access to RMS (Rakuten Merchant Server), the next step will be to register your items, upload your company’s information, set your return and shipping policy, and create your storefront. A Shop Open Adviser will be standing by to support you with your setup.

S T E P  3

Shop opening

Once your store is live, a dedicated eCommerce consultant (ECC) will be assigned to help you further drive sales and maximize your store’s performance to ensure success on Rakuten’s marketplace.