F R E E   W E B I N A R

Accessing the Japan Market Consumer Insights and Cross Border eCommerce with Rakuten

What's inside:

  • Overview of the Japanese consumer market
  • Bestselling eCommerce product categories in Japan
  • Localization and payments done right
  • COVID-19 and its impact on online shopping 
  • Rakuten's unique promise: what US merchants should know about the largest online marketplace in Japan

W H Y   E X P A N D   T O   J A P A N

3 ways this webinar helps you grow your eCommerce business to the next level

Learn how to conquer the promising market

As the 3rd largest eCommerce market in the world, Japan offers unlimited growth opportunities for your brand.

Learn how to join Japan's top marketplace

Japan's most popular online marketplace, Rakuten enjoys a whopping customer base of 111 million shoppers.

Learn how to engage with Japanese consumers

Japanese consumers are affluent, loyal and fond of US products. Learn how to engage with them exactly the right way.