Rakuten Customer Loyalty Program

Robust Loyalty Program Customers Love

A large portion of Japanese shoppers choose the online marketplace they frequent based on their ability to rack up rewards points. This is one of the key features that distinguishes Rakuten among its competitors. Its unique customer loyalty program is called Rakuten Super Points®. Rakuten has done some amazing things with this program which boasts incredible success since its launch in 2002.

$2 billion


Rakuten has issued more than 2 trillion points (roughly equivalent to $2 billion) since piloting the program in 2002. Rakuten Points remains one of the most compelling and popular features of Rakuten marketplace.

32 billion points


The rate at which Rakuten points are issued has been growing exponentially in recent years. Just in the past 3 years, Rakuten issued $1 billion worth of points, with 32 billion Rakuten Points issued in 2019 alone.



The number of shoppers who use more than two Rakuten services increased from 64.9% in 2017 to 72.3% in 2019, proving how effective Rakuten's membership program is for customer retention within its vast ecosystem.



As one of of the most popular credit card companies in Japan, Rakuten accumulates 1%-16% of your monthly spending as loyalty points. This is the marketplace that genuinely rewards shopping across its platform.

Rakuten Credit Card

The success of Rakuten's loyalty program is largely driven by its credit card services. Rakuten is the largest provider of credit cards in Japan naturally which entices customers to come back to the platform again and again. Merchants selling on Rakuten benefit from Rakuten credit cards greatly. Not only Rakuten bolsters customer loyalty, it also helps keep their customer base broad. Merchants can then utilize the points system to their own advantage to drive repeat sales. 

Rakuten Point® and Special Promos

Customers have the chance to earn Standard Points by making regular purchases as well as Limited Time Points by participating in special promotional events. There are special member days that allow shoppers to earn a ton of extra points, too. Sellers will be able to create store events and shoppers will have occasional bonus offers that are tailored to their shopping habits. 

Running promotions to help increase the number of points your customers receive is a great way to increase conversion and bring repeat customers.This loyalty points program is extremely popular in Japan and it is something customers truly enjoy. Tapping into the possibilities with the Rakuten's loyalty program could help you propel your business forward once you start selling in Japan.

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