Expanding Your Fashion & Athleisure Store to Japan: Key Things to Know

Japanese consumers have a storied relationship with American fashion and their purchasing habits often reflect current trends. Athleisure, a term that has come to describe clothes you can wear in the gym or out and about, is one of those trends that has Japanese consumers getting on board.

Sporty clothing like yoga pants, tennis shoes, sweat pants, sports bras, leggings, and windbreakers are all examples of products that fall under the category athleisure.


Fashion industry in Japan

Clothing is the best-selling category

Clothing always comes out at number one when you look at eCommerce trends in Japan. Nearly half of Japanese shoppers have purchased some kind of clothing in the past year and clothing continues to hold the largest market share in Japanese eCommerce. Revenue in fashion is projected to be roughly $24 million for the year 2020, placing Japan in the top five in terms of global fashion revenue.

Fashion market size in Japan

Apparel alone, excluding any accessories that also come under the fashion umbrella, has a projected market value of over $14 million USD for the year 2020. These are highly desirable products for Japanese consumers and have remained desirable for decades, making this a fairly foolproof move for businesses who want to sell in Japan.

Fashion & athleisure regulations in Japan

Any products in this category are subject to a few different regulations in Japan. The primary regulation that sellers will need to understand is the Household Goods Quality Labeling Act, which is applicable to any sellers with a Japanese entity or warehouses in Japan. All clothing items must feature labels that describe the composition of the fabric, care instructions, repellency, and the name of the label with clear contact information.

For fashion brands resellers, valid purchase invoices and proof of brand authorization are both required for some internationally known fashion brands. This applies to anyone who wants to sell clothing online in Japan, regardless of where your business is registered.

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