Your Guide to Japan Shopping Online

For many Americans and Europeans, online shopping is a way of life. The internet has made it so easy to find anything and everything you're looking for without having to step foot in an actual store. But what about those items that are hard to come by or just not available on sites like Amazon? For these items, there's Japan Shopping Online!

In this article, we'll show you how buying from Japan could be your new favorite pastime. We'll cover the best places to buy from, how shipping works, and other tips you should know before jumping into the Japanese market. You won't regret reading this guide!

Best Online Shops in Japan


Rakuten is easily the most popular online shopping site in Japan. It's a great option for American and European buyers because it has global shipping so you can buy from anywhere in the world and have your item shipped from Tokyo! Rakuten offers everything from fashion and beauty items, household goods, electronics, and more. The selection on this site is huge!

It also features English support which makes it easier than ever for English-speaking shoppers to use this site to make purchases. There is an unlimited number of items offered on Rakuten and it is constantly updated with new merchandise. If you're looking for something specific or particular, be sure to search through all categories for that unique find!

The most popular and promising categories in Japanese eCommerce are the following:

Fashion & athleisure
Beauty & cosmetics
Sports & outdoor


If you're looking for American and European brands or products, is the place to shop! You can buy almost anything from books and movies to toiletries. This site offers fast shipping rates (if you want your item within 2 days) and competitive prices compared with American and European stores.

Additionally, Amazon has a great returns policy which makes shopping even more convenient. If you aren't satisfied with an item or if it doesn't fit right then it's easy to send it back for a full refund or replacement!

Plenty of foreigners living in Japan buy items like American and European snacks, beauty products, and cosmetics because they won't even be able to get them at their local stores! Amazon is a good site to start looking on if you want something very specific that isn't available elsewhere online.


If you're looking for a site that offers other shoppers' opinions on products, this is the place to go. Kakaku provides detailed reviews on almost every product it carries, which comes in handy when trying to find useful information about things like electronics or cosmetics.

Many users will appreciate these thorough descriptions because it's hard to tell if something will work or be effective by looking at pictures and descriptions online!

Shopping at Kakaku gives American and European buyers access to a wide range of products that are offered by various vendors. This site offers a huge selection of Japanese and foreign brands, offering international customers great prices too!

Even if you're not using this site, we recommend checking it out for its informative reviews and helpful information written by other consumers. You can learn all about how things work or what type of product will be most effective before buying anything from the internet!


It may seem counterintuitive, but American and European shoppers love shopping on the Japanese Yahoo Shopping site. It features lower prices compared to American and European sites and if you have a yen account (more on that later), you can even earn miles/points from credit cards when you spend money!

There's also free shipping for many products and quick processing of your orders. The only downside to shopping on this site is that it does not offer international shipping for merchandise (you must ship use a freight forwarding company to complete delivery).


DMM is Japan's largest online game and video streaming site. It has expanded to include a large shopping section that includes an array of foreign products from Dell, Apple, HP, Microsoft, GAP & more! Buyers can shop on DMM for electronics like computers and gadgets, cameras and photo equipment (like drones), kitchen appliances, clothing, and accessories.

DMM also has American customer service available in case you need help with your order. You can contact them through Twitter or by emailing them.

Final Thoughts

American and European shoppers have the option to shop for products on websites outside of Japan or Japan-based sites. American sellers and European are becoming more and more popular, but there are many American and European brands and sellers that don't actually sell their products in Japan!

If you're looking for American and European merchandise, it's important to do your research to make sure you're buying from a seller with a Japanese location or a US address (preferably both).

With Buyandship, customers can buy in 11 countries across the world, including Japan. Customers prefer online shopping sites to brick-and-mortar businesses because of the great bargains, diverse styles, and simple purchasing experience.

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